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01/24/2023 to 01/28/2023

Online with Onsite Components
Restricted Retreat
For Young Intending Couples...

Program Burden

In every generation and dispensation, when there are challenges that are overwhelming and mankind becomes desperate and despondent and all efforts to contain the situations and circumstances humanly fails, God in mercy usually seeks to intervene by quietly searching out for available and useful vessels from any location on earth irrespective of the person's gender, race or colour to engage in order to turn things around.

These vessels He chooses not because they are strong in themselves but that through them He might prove Himself strong on their behalf 2 Chronicles 16:9, and manifest His glory.

Notable amongst those used of God to intervene in time past were the youths. The roll call of young people that God used in Bible times to do great exploit is ever evident before us.

Your brother,
Gbile Akanni.

Program Category

Restricted Retreat

Expected Participant

  • For Young Intending Couples...

Program Highlights

  • Theme Talks & Messages
  • Prayer Uproar
  • Bible Studies
  • Seminars
  • Devotional Challenge
  • Hymns & Songs