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Theme: Fill The Earth Subdue It

Venue: Designated DWLR 2021 Program Centres

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The youth age is the most productive segment of anyone's life. It is the time for the foundation of enduring legacies to be laid. It is the time eternal choices are made. When God chooses to use a man, He sets about securing his attention in his youth. It is actually good that a man should bear the yoke in his youth. Yet, many young people waste their prime years, saying "I am still young'. They claim that their youthfulness is for playing and thinking their older years is when to get serious. What a deception!

Last year the Lord declared to us in the National Students' Congress: that 'Your set time for exploits' is here and this year, He has come with such an urgency saying, "Say not that I am a child". This is a wake up call for you. Your innate potential must be ignited. You must be released to run now that you are strong. Your battles are fierce and this is because heaven holds a sceptre out to you as it was to Esther, another youth of your calibre. It is time for the Lord to do a new thing on the face of the earth and you have a critical space in this.

I urge you to report at His feet for this crucial congress. This is the morning of your life. Engage the 'dew' of your years, after now it will only be a 'residue'. And what serious thing can anyone do with 'residues'? One of the things that can make you fail to do exploits, as a youth, is how you see yourself. How do you see yourself, as a youth? The burden of this year's meeting is to enable you to see yourself as God sees you. God has been our provider, so come! Registration, accommodation and feeding are free as the Lord provides. Bring your Bible, notebook and beddings and sit at the feet of the Lord, for your transformation.

Last year the Lord used several of His servants to speak to us on “I will make you a new sharp threshing instrument”. He showed us how to keep our cutting edge sharp for the work of the ministry. For when the axe head is dull more strength will be needed for little result, we prayed intensely trusting Him for greater effectiveness as we re-committed ourselves unto Him.

This year by God’s grace the meeting will hold again. I am therefore using this opportunity to invite to participate in this year’s retreat. Please kindly plan to come with your wife where possible since God has made her your partner in life and ministry. The CLEREC is organized to address issues of life, matrimony and ministry. The minister’s home is a regular feature during the programme and we deal with several issues on the home of God’s servants.

You may wish to call any of these numbers: 08036133629, 08037139774 for further clarification. Please indicate your coming by sending an email to clergyret@yahoo.com before 20th April, 2017. We pray that the good Lord will make a space for you to come. Waiting to receive you into His presence. Trusting God for another time of refreshing together in His presence.

As we have come to the break of the day of God’s visitation upon us and in the nations, God has again turned his attention to our homes as a principal instrument in pushing forth this move on the earth. Several men and women will be raised to spearhead God’s work among the nations and they are to be fashioned and prepared in families. Discipleship will have a better context for life training and formation in the family setting. Your marriage will play a very crucial role in what God is brewing among us.

Marriage has been central to the fulfillment of God’s purpose on the earth from the very beginning. At the beginning of creation, the earth was without form and void, covered with darkness; so, God purposed to put an end permanently to the issue of darkness upon the earth and His solution was to create man in His own image and likeness bearing His nature of light and governing the earth. (Gen. 1:26-28). And God’s concept of the “man” in His determinate counsel was both “male” and “female”! The man that was to rule the earth and keep darkness at bay was a “composite Adam” that was made up of both the male and the female. The female was as much a definite part as the male, in God’s original vision of the “man” that will keep His presence manifest everywhere upon the earth.

“So God created man in His image, in the image of God created He Him, male and female created he them” Gen 1:27-28 (KJV)

“Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created.” Gen 5:2 (KJV)

Therefore, the marital relationship was at the nucleus of God’s original purpose for man upon the earth to rule and exercise dominion over all creation. It is His divine provision for the man to accomplish his commission on earth to establish the kingdom for the Lord. Two of them will decree a thing on the earth and it shall be established. The purpose for which God created you and gave you to each other in marriage is about to break forth. The helpmeet for you in each other must not be wasted or misapplied in this day of His visitation. This wisdom of your marriage, you and your wife, living, working, and partnering together and teaming together with God, is the “three-fold” unbreakable cord in actualizing the purpose of God on the earth in your own generation.

Every pressure and attack the devil brings upon your marriage is because of this divine strategy. He knows that the distress and disharmony of your matrimony will be the most effective way of rendering you and your wife ineffective in the discharge of your life assignment. Without the help from the home, your visions of serving God in the ministry or providing effective dominion and exercising authority for God over the face of the earth will remain a mere dream.

Since God has set you apart for this end time move of His power, and He has brought you together in this marriage for you to fulfill your own portion of this call, we cannot look away from your matrimonial harmony. It has become crucial for us to pay attention to your matrimony, equipping it for God’s intended purpose and sharpening both of you for the glory you must both bear. We must report at His feet as couples for this necessary fresh relaunching and rekindling for you to take your place in this move of His Spirit.

This is our cry for this Couples Retreat. This is the burden and object of calling you to God’s presence. And this is why we have insisted that both of you must come together. You need to both arrange for the care of your children (if need be) and rearrange your schedules to come before the Lord TOGETHER all by yourselves alone.

Registration is as a couple; Feeding shall be as a couple and where accommodation as a couple is not possible, ample opportunity will be provided to talk together, pray together and make decisions together as a couple in order to set the trajectory of your marriage aright. You must return to a harmonious home experience after the retreat doing exploits for the Lord. May the Lord bring you. May He persuade you to drop all else to settle this most important aspect of your life and walk with God. And may He bring you both into a definite encounter that will refocus, empower and release your home and relationship into greater fruitfulness, thereafter. God bless you.

Your Brother Gbile Akanni

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